Exam Preparation: 1.3 Unfamiliar Texts

AS 90851: Show understanding of significant aspects of unfamiliar text(s) through close reading, using supporting evidence. 4 Credits. External

The Unfamiliar Texts paper is one that assesses your ability to read and understand unfamiliar given passages. You will be provided with three written texts, of different types, and asked to explain how the author communicates their ideas/experiences/feelings.

Below you can find a whole set of exemplar material. You should attempt the sample paper (the resource booklet is provided) and then have a look at the excellence exemplar and answer rubric to evaluate your response. You are most welcome to give your practice papers to me to assess as well.

Practise Paper

Download (PDF, 239KB)

Practise Paper: Resource Booklet

Download (PDF, 957KB)

Resource Booklet for the 2015 Paper

Download (PDF, 958KB)

Excellence Exemplar

Download (PDF, 951KB)

Answer Rubric

Download (PDF, 103KB)

Glossary of Language Features

Download (PDF, 59KB)

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