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A longitudinal project that encourages you to read widely and extensively and to make thoughtful and insightful observations about the connections you make between what you read, your own experience, the world around us and other texts.

Today we discussed some of the parameters for this longitudinal reading project. Here is a summary of the advice I gave during the lesson. The Achievement Standard booklet will follow soon.

An Excellence Exemplar:

Download (PDF, 157KB)


For Excellence, the student needs to form perceptive personal responses to independently read texts, supported by evidence.

This involves demonstrating personal understandings of, engagement with, and/or expressing viewpoints on texts which show some insight in thought or reflection. This may also include responding to links between texts and self, and texts and world.

This student has independently selected and read the short story Raymond’s Run by Toni Cade Bambara as one of the six texts required. The student forms a perceptive personal response to the character development of Hazel (1), the narrator in the story. The student reflects, with some insight, on the impact and relevance of the story itself and the way it is has been told.

The student shows convincing understanding of Hazel’s personal likes and dislikes (2). The understanding becomes more meaningful and perceptive after Hazel ‘steps out of her own mind’ (3), causing the student to reflect on her own ‘self absorbed’ nature when she too has learned to ‘take a step out of my own head’ (4). The student recognises that this learning can relate to ‘many situations’ (6).

For a more secure Excellence, the student could, for example, provide examples and further reflect on ‘the way the story is told through Hazel’s eyes it makes for a closer connection to her character’ (5), discuss the significance of the title (Raymond’s Run), and expand on the ‘many situations’ (6).

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